We help the overwhelmed solo-working woman who dreams of creating impact far beyond herself.

why The collective?

The Collective is a focused community of women who know they were made for more, and where we collaborate, share resources and shortcuts to collectively propel them forward.

You were made
for more! 

Be part of The Collective!

Join the coast-to-coast community that spread nationwide within a matter of weeks after launching this past summer!

You were made for more! 

We get it - we're just like you - solo working women, juggling all the spinning plates!
Our desire is to create an opportunity for authentic connections to be made and provide you with the resources and tools so that you can be empowered to step into your purpose. 

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Because we believe you
were made for more!

why we started
The Collective

Have you noticed this trend of the independent woman, the kind who dreams big and decides to take a leap of faith and start something she’s passionate about?

Awesome, right?! But, here’s the twist. She ends up doing it! All by herself! It’s exciting, until it gets lonely. Do you know that feeling?

Well… we’ve decided this trend kinda stinks.

Yes! Be independent.
Yes! Be courageous.
Go against the grain!
Create what you were called to do!

But do it alone? Umm… no. Why? When it’s so much more fun to collaborate together!

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That’s how this all started. Funny story actually! Here’s the abbreviated version…

We were 2 ladies at the same conference in Nashville. We never actually met. (To our knowledge, we never even saw one another.)
Then, there was a post by one of us who rarely posts on Insta.
And then, there was a search by the one who’d never used Insta hashtags to browse before.

Fast forward to a random (but not weird) DM where we first met, later zoomed, and started working on a few ideas together.

A beautiful long distance camaraderie began!

And then there was an idea, “What if we got together with a few others like us? We could plan a weekend to have some fun, and some downtime free from all the distractions. We could help each other brainstorm and figure some things out?”

A week later, we started working out the details and decided we were on to something.
Six months (and several focus groups and conversations) later… We realized those words, “I think we’re onto something” were a bit prophetic.

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This little idea we worked on has now blossomed into an amazing online community to connect and support women doing incredible and inspiring things!

Don’t worry-- we didn’t forget about getting together in person! We’ll have our first kick-off retreat this fall, but it gets better!...

Soon, we’ll roll out a retreat model where all you have to do is get your own group together and just hit play! You’ll have the chance to have your own Collective retreat experience!

SO many women have confirmed that they are in love with this idea!! How cool is that?! We are over the moon excited about everyone we get to pull together and help inside The Collective!

We hope to meet you soon!
AK & Jess


Still have questions? We've got answers!

Still have questions?
We've got answers!

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